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Helping Citizens Understand

Old Mendocino County Courthouse Around 1915

California County Pension Debt


Mendocino County's Pension Debt

What Happened - Really?

Failure of WE THE PEOPLE to Hold
County Officials Accountable

The Most Fundamental Cause

Fundamental Causes of Unfunded Pension Debt

Choices -

Immediate v. Fundamental Causes

Failure of County Government

Perverse Incentive & Conflict of Interest

Profound Lack of Accountability


Consider some of the stories and evidence I submitted in the last section:

  • Obvious deep flaws in MendoCERA audited statements.
  • Significant pension increases while over $100 million in unfunded pension debt.
  • No credible county analysis of why the Pension Fund kept going deeper in the hole.
  • The "Fraud" of paying retiree healthcare with Pension Fund "Excess Earnings".
  • County waits 4 years to find out severe impact of new retiree health financial reporting. Same for new pension financial reporting.

These aren't "rocket science". These errors aren't hard to understand. but ...

No one ever looked from the public's point of view!

Democracy in Form Versus in Substance

There are four major direct players in the financial management of Mendocino County:

  • County Board of Supervisors
  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Treasurer-Tax Collector
  • Auditor-Controller
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